Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa has been able to carry on its work only because of generous donors, local foundations and agencies. The ‘Ohana is particularly grateful to the families of Bunnie Reeser and Paul Harada, who donated money given in memory of their loved ones to the ‘Ohana.

Donors Remembering
Bunnie Reeser

CW and Ermalee Albright
Bob and Carol Amble
Janet Babb
Phil and Marie Becker
Dagmar Bills
Luise Braun
Lesley Ann Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Buck
David and Patricia Chevalier
Dr. WT and Marilyn Cleghorn
Nancy Cook
Russell Davis
Lucienne deNaie and Daniel Grantham
John and Linda Decker
Fern Duvall
Mary Evanson
Mele Fong and Richard B.C. Tom
Beverley Griffiths
Dana and Isaac Hall
Taylor and Holden Hamada
Lorna Joan Harrison
Christopher Hart
Mary M. Heknter
Albert P. Herlinger
Harlan Hughes and Judy Anderson
Stephanie Kim and family
Ian and Eda Kinnear
Jon and Roslyn Lightfoot
John and Tweetie Lind
Valerie and James Magee
David and Chris Mahelona
Greg Marshall
Martha Martin
Andrea Mattos and Craig Yugawa
Alec and Maren McBarnet
Jack and Genevieve McGuire
Michael Minn and Jeanne Carey
Manuel and Elodie Moniz
David and Martha Moran
Brian Moto
Wanda Okamoto
Jeffrey Parker
Wallette Pellegrino
Barbara Pfahning
Thomas Reed and Judy McCorkle
Don, Cheryl and Bryan Reeser
Don and Mary Rosebrook
The Rotary Club of Kahului
Elizabeth Russell
Dianne Signes
Carl and Ingrid Skyrman
Margaret J. Stimsen
Joe and Roberta Sumpter
Claire Takemoto
Donna and Allen Ting
DeGray Vanderbilt and Valerie Monson
Wilma Vorfeld
Pat Weber
Elaine Wender
Deanne Westbrook

Bunnie and Don Reeser pose before the famous cliffs of the North Shore of Molokai at Kalawao. Photo by Wayne Levin


Paul Harada (far right) and his brothers Glenn (far left) and Taka (next to Paul) enjoy a moment during a break of an annual meeting of Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa with Bishop Larry Silva (center) and Sister Alicia Damien Lau).
Photo by Wayne Levin

In honor of
Bunnie Reeser

Bunnie became a strong supporter of the Kalaupapa Monument after she was unable to find the grave of her great-grandmother, Rosina Weber. Tragically, Bunnie was diagnosed with brain cancer and died in July, 2007. The family decided that all donations in her memory should go to the Monument effort – these contributions enabled the ‘Ohana to compile the list of names of the first 5,000 people that will serve as the foundation for the first phase of the Monument.
Bunnie’s husband, Don, has taken her place on the Monument Committee. Mahalo, Reesers.

In honor of
Paul Harada

Even though Paul Harada was forced to leave his family as a boy, he eventually became the brother that the family revolved around when he was allowed to go home for visits. The Haradas also considered Paul’s wife, Winnie, as one of their own. When Paul died in early 2008, all of the Haradas – Winnie as well as Paul’s brothers and sisters – gave the money donated at Paul’s services to the ‘Ohana. This generous outpouring will allow the ‘Ohana to continue its important efforts of advocacy, education and preservation.

Mahalo, Haradas.

Photos by Valerie Monson

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