New ‘Ohana Board Members Mark Ellis (left) and Char Woodward (center) are welcomed by current Board Members Pauline Chow (next to Mark), Makia Malo, Gloria Marks (right of Char) and Boogie Kahilihiwa along with Char’s husband, Sol.
Photo courtesy of Char Woodward

Your donations make our work possible

Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa is able to do its work on behalf of the Kalaupapa community and family members only because of our generous donors. Like all nonprofit organizations, the ‘Ohana has struggled financially during the recent economic downturn. We realize that many of you have had to cut back on your personal budgets because of the economy so your donations mean that much more to us because we know they come from the heart.
Thanks to those of you whose names are listed on these pages, we have been able to reconnect dozens of families with their Kalaupapa ancestors. Because we were able to produce only a four-page newsletter last year, we have included the names of our donors from 2009 and 2010 in this edition. You are all very important to us…you are ‘ohana. Mahalo nui loa!

2009-2010 Donors
If we have mistakenly not included your name,
please accept our apologies and contact us.

Kalaupapa Visionary Supporter ($1000 or more)

Marilyn and Ted Cleghorn—in memory of Rosina Weber and Bunnie Reeser
The Harada Family— in memory of Paul Harada
Keawala‘i Congregational Church—in memory of all the people of Kalaupapa who died and in honor of those still living there
Na Pu‘uwai Native Hawaiian Health Systems
Don Reeser—in memory of Bunnie Reeser
Mary C. Sanford— in memory of the men and boys at the Baldwin Home
Lisa Tamanaha Santos
Phyllis Taylor—in memory of all those sent to Kalaupapa
Scott C. Wallace

Kalaupapa Preservationist ($500 to $999)

Sherilyn R. Iona—in memory of Robert & Hokela Holt, Kapu Holt, Frances Nahinu, Thomas Hart & Frank Kupihea
Congresswoman Mazie Hirono

Kalaupapa Benefactor ($100 to $499)

Mary Adamski—in memory of Ed Kato
Candace Agustin
M.D. Alborano
George & Janet Allan—in memory of Bernard Punikai‘a
Mr. & Mrs. John Archibald—in honor of Sister Alicia Damien Lau

Monica Bacon—in honor of Ambrose Hutchison
Karen V. H. Barkley
Caroline Peters Belsom
P.G. Bens, Jr.
Dr. Mona Bomgaars
Teri Botelho
Tim Burd and Ann Burd Hidl
Elizabeth Bushnell
H. John Callahan
Al Carringer—in memory of Paul Harada
Mara Bacon Chang—in honor of Ambrose Hutchison
Nathaniel & Annette Chang
Tom & Renee Conner—in memory of Emele Kamakaoumi and Milikaa
Miriam S. Curry—in memory of George Kaia and Annie Haili Flores
Kelli Wicke Davis—in memory of Jerry D. Wicke, Willie Wicke and William Clark
Gavan Daws
Wendell & Joanna DeFreitas
Mark Ellis—in memory of Kuulei Bell
Randy & Sue Evans—in honor of outstanding work by the ‘Ohana
Karen Field
Don Garcia—in memory of Zelie Bal Pa
Diannah K. Goo—in memory of Sam Kanealoha and ‘ohana
Taka Harada—in memory of Paul Harada
Takeshi Harada—in memory of Paul Harada
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harada—in memory of Paul Harada
Chris Hart

Bernadette Harter & Janet Mooney—in memory of Becky Perry Huleia
Robert K. Hutchison—in memory of Ambrose Hutchison
Francis Iwamoto—in memory of Tsuro Emoto Yamamoto
Lydia-Puna Kaaialii-Ramos—in memory of Nicky Ramos
Alika & Janice Kalanihuia
John Kamanu—in memory of Hana Kamanu
Mr. & Mrs. K Kunisawa—in memory of Bunnie Reeser
Dayton Kupele—in memory of David and Annie Kupele and the Kupele ‘ohana
Richard H. Larson
Robert Leong—in memory of Frank Leong
Helen Lind—in memory of Kaho‘oilimoku and Heleualani
Beatrice K. Mahi Ravenscraft—in memory of Henry Mahi and other Mahi ‘ohana who died at Kalaupapa



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